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Welcome to Impress Video, an award-winning video production agency with a passion for creating high-quality video content that tells your story. With offices in Derby, Manchester and London, we have a strong presence across the UK and beyond.


Our story

From commercials and documentaries to corporate and creative videos, our team has honed their skills in producing outstanding work that captures the essence of your brand. We work with a diverse range of clients, from start-ups to established brands and everything in between, creating bespoke video solutions that meet their unique needs.

Our full-service agency takes care of every aspect of video production in-house, from creating, producing, directing, to editing. We pride ourselves on our boutique agency approach and big agency know-how, delivering outstanding work that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

At Impress Video, we value the relationships we build with our clients. We are committed to delivering top-notch work and exceptional customer service, building long-lasting connections that go beyond the project at hand. Our portfolio of work speaks for itself, and we are excited to bring our expertise to your next project. Let us help you tell your story and make an impression that lasts.

Meet the team



Creative Director

With years of production experience in the TV & Film industry, Gurmit heads Impress with a clear purpose and vision: to produce content that engages and gets clients results. Gurmit is an avid guest speaker at Universities and Marketing Conferences across the UK sharing best practices of the production process with a new generation of film makers and content creators.



Lead Editor

Harry oversees the editing at Impress, from visual effects to delivering to specifications and ensuring quality control. He has a keen eye for detail and ensures that every video is approached with intent, a clear strategy and a creative approach in line with all client briefs.



Assistant Editor

Jamie is a skilled editor who works closely with Harry to ensure that every project is completed to the highest standard. With a passion for storytelling and a creative flair, Jamie brings a unique approach to social media content for Impress.



Digital Marketing Manager

With expertise in SEO, both digital and social media marketing, and creating innovative in-house campaigns, Marta heads the marketing efforts at Impress. She is passionate about creating engaging and effective campaigns that drive results for our clients and for Impress.

What we stand for

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Driven by Passion

At Impress, we are driven by a passion for video production. We believe in what we do, and our dedicated team is committed to doing it well. We are always raising the standard by producing new projects that are better and even more engaging.

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Creativity is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in exploring new ideas and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. We constantly seek to learn new things, develop new skills, and improve our performance.

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Caring for our Community

We care deeply about our clients, co-workers, and the wider community. Our team constantly strives to support, respect, encourage, and uplift those around us. We believe that by caring for others, we create a positive impact that extends far beyond our immediate surroundings.

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We take pride in delivering daring and original concepts that impress our clients and their viewers. Our name is a testament to our commitment to exceeding expectations, and we strive to impress with every project we undertake.

What we do, more about Impress Video

Our team has produced videos for a diverse range of clients, from start-ups to established brands and companies with a £100m turnover. We create, produce, direct, and edit all our video content in-house, including brand films, promotional videos, social media content, and corporate videos.

We pride ourselves on creating long-lasting relationships with all our clients. Our team will work closely with you to understand your business and objectives and develop a video marketing strategy that delivers results.

Every video we create is made for a purpose, and our team will identify your key objectives, ensure to meet those deliverables and assist in the distribution of the video. Our goal is to help you achieve a positive ROI on your video marketing investment.

Absolutely. Sometimes, we are given a brief from initial inception, and at times an idea that has already gained some traction. No matter what stage your video marketing idea is at, we always welcome a collaborative approach. Our team will work closely with you to bring your vision to life and ensure that the final product exceeds your expectations.

Our team has a vast amount of experience in producing commercials, Amazon Prime documentaries, and internationally recogniSed feature films. We use the latest filming and editing technology to produce high-quality videos for our clients.

Impress team has the technical know-how to distribute your video content for the most impact. We can demonstrate several options on where is best to have your videos online, as video continually changes in shape and length.

Our UK Video Production Presence

Corporate videos in Derby


As a Derby-based video production agency, Derby serves as the epicentre of our video production activities. Here, ideas flourish, and concepts come to life as we craft captivating visual narratives that leave a lasting impact.

Corporate videos in Manchester


With a firm foothold in Manchester, we’ve established a dynamic office that bolsters our projects throughout the region. From here, we drive video production initiatives that resonate with diverse audiences and capture the essence of every story we tell.

Videos in London


Operating as a London video production agency, we know everything about the bustling energy of the capital city. Our presence in London elevates our commitment to excellence, offering a gateway to world-class productions that reflect the city’s vibrant spirit.


Birmingham video production

Other cities

Beyond our physical locations, Impress team is equipped to embark on journeys across the UK. From picturesque landscapes to urban backdrops, we’re here to transform any setting into the canvas of your vision.


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