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We are a Product Video Production Company with offices in Derby, London and Manchester, creating creative product videos that engage and compel viewers to take action


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Our Product Video approach

We are a Product Video Production Company with offices in Derby, London and Manchester. We produce Creative Product Videos that engage and compel viewers to take action.

Pravins was just our starting point. Since producing their jewellery set of videos, we have continued perfecting the art of creating high quality product videos for a number of brands across the UK.


Our product video examples

kombucha thumbnail

Animated Product Video

So Good Kombucha wanted a video that showcased three of their kombucha drinks: gingerlicious, strawberry+basil, and elderflower mojito.


opti kinetics product thumbnail

Creative Product Video

Opti Kinetics wanted to advertise their products online, so we captured a creative product video to showcase the features and benefits of their newest projector.

christopher ward thumbnail

Product Videography

We produced Christopher Ward’s 1st watch concept, setting the tone for numerous watch product videos to follow.


steven brown thumbnail

360 Product Video

We produced a number of Steven Brown product videos for their online e-commerce store, enhancing the user experience for their website’s visitors.


Bambooi – tv advert – thumbnail

Product Demonstration Video

Bambooi wanted a tv advert format video to introduce their new biotech tooth brush, and we introduced some dynamic product shots.


pravins thumbnail

E-commerce Product Videos

Pravins wanted to bring their products online, so we captured 400 product videos from diamond engagement rings to bespoke jewellery.


The list keeps growing…

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What are Product Videos for?

Product video production is the process of creating videos that showcase and promote a particular product or service. Product video production is a powerful tool for promoting your products or services, engaging your audience, and driving conversions. They can be used on websites, social media platforms, e-commerce platforms, and other digital channels to attract potential customers and increase sales.


By using engaging visuals, persuasive storytelling, and clear demonstrations, product videos can effectively communicate the value and benefits of your offerings. The key is to create high-quality and tailored videos that resonate with your target audience. Invest in professional product video production services to ensure your videos are visually appealing, informative, and optimised for SEO, helping you rank higher in search results and attract more potential customers to your website.


Frequently asked questions


A well-produced product video will help your visitors to experience using your products by seeing them being used by another person. This will help remove the main concerns of not shopping in a physical store, thus creating a more engaging experience for your visitors. The online video shopping experience is fast becoming the norm for a number of eCommerce stores soon moving away from a still image on a white background.


There are a number of creative approaches you can take with your product video. You can choose to model items from numerous angles, similarly showing your product in its environment being used. Also giving a full demonstration of how easy and purposeful your product is, is impactful too.
Is it stronger, made from better quality, or does it last longer than that of your competitors? Or does it simply look and shine above the rest?


81% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video [Hubspot marketing 2018]. Product videos on your website equal more retention time on your website through web visitors spending time on your product videos. By watching a video, web visitors are making a more informed choice when checking out of your store therefore creating higher conversion rates for your website.


  1. How many videos are you looking to produce? It could be financially better to produce multiple videos, if you are using one location.
  2. Optimise your videos for social media, thinking about how your videos will be displayed.
  3. Produce videos of different lengths for different online platforms.
  4. Add your branding to every piece of content created.
  5. Create your product videos without sound and consider text that reinforces your products’ USPs.
  6. Make sure you have one key message for your product.
  7. When selling a product, you are selling the benefits of the product, so highlight them.


Product videos tell a more complete product story; thus, customers know what to expect when a product is delivered to their door. A customer’s purchase that is ‘as expected’ makes a happy customer. These customers will build their trust with you, because your products are exactly what they expected when they saw them on your website, and they’ll buy from you again. Strengthening your brand loyalty will lead to a dedicated customer base.

Online shoppers have 3 main concerns, according to a 2017 study from the audit firm KPMG.

  • 56% of customers want to see or feel the product before purchasing.
  • 55% want to try on the item.
  • 41% say the product might look different in real life than in the online images.


It is indeed. We recommend putting your product videos on YouTube too. Having videos that are optimised on YouTube provides a great advantage for being found organically on Google search engines particularly related to your product sector.
You will find a place for your video on social media as well, such as Facebook, where people can comment on and share your products, and Instagram adverts, where users can take immediate action on your product offering.


Amazon has become the world’s leading online retail platform, and video is fast becoming the focal point for selling on their site. So yes, you should use product videos on Amazon. What is more, the company has rolled out product videos in their search results as well. We are working with a number of clients for the production of these shorter videos, both with and without sound.


Project Timeline



We will work closely with you and your working brief, helping you to identify your style, key messages and outputs.




Once budgets and timelines have been approved, we will produce a schedule, script, and storyboard.




It’s time for production to begin with our professional production crew in our studio or at your location.




Our editors will use all filmed footage to bring the production together, adding music and animation where needed.


Our Team at Impress Video

Our team at Impress Video has worked with clients from across the UK, from startup companies looking to launch a new product in the market to well-established brands extending their product lines.


We’ve tried and tested a number of filming methods and approaches, in order to bring the best quality product videos to life online. We have the creative and technical know-how for creating exciting video content. We also have the knowledge and experience on how your videos fit in the user journey of your marketing approach.


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Wanting to improve the quality of your videos? Here are the +25 video tips we regularly follow for our video productions that will help you improve your video content.



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