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We are a Training Video production company with offices in Derby, London and Manchester, creating content for brands across the UK.

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Training videos done differently

We produce high-quality Training Videos, bringing together creativity and engagement. Companies of all sizes have worked with us to create a video for internal and external use because of their impact and engagement.

Above all, we believe training videos should leave your viewer engaged, informed inspired to be taught something new and of value. Our services include producing, scripting, filming and video editing, making us a great partner to work with.

Our training video examples

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Looking to take your company’s visual content to the next level? Our expert video production team is here to help! Contact us now to start the conversation and let us guide you towards a truly standout video production.

What Is Training Video Production?

Training video production is the process of creating videos designed to educate and train viewers on a particular topic or skill. These videos provide step-by-step instructions, demonstrations, and explanations to help learners understand and master the subject matter. Incorporating them into your training programs can revolutionise the way knowledge is imparted and skills are developed.

Remember, it’s essential to align it with the learning objectives, target audience, and the nature of the content being delivered. A professional training video production company can guide you in selecting the most effective style for your specific needs. Whether you’re an organisation aiming to enhance employee training or an individual seeking to create online courses, training videos offer a powerful and engaging medium to deliver impactful learning experiences.

Frequently asked questions

  • Learning Experience: Training videos provide a visual and auditory experience that engages learners more effectively than text-based materials alone.
  • Demonstrations and Simulations: Certain skills and concepts are best understood through demonstrations or simulations. Training videos can effectively showcase real-life scenarios, practical examples, and hands-on activities, allowing learners to observe and understand how to apply the knowledge or skills being taught.
  • Consistency and Standardisation: Training videos ensure consistent delivery of information and maintain a standardised approach to training. Regardless of the number of learners or geographical locations, everyone receives the same content and follows the same procedures, ensuring uniformity in training outcomes.
  • Scalability and Accessibility: With training videos, you can reach a large audience, including remote learners, across different time zones. Videos can be accessed anytime, anywhere, making it convenient for learners to engage with the content at their own pace, increasing accessibility and flexibility.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Training videos can be a cost-effective training solution compared to in-person training sessions or hiring instructors for every session. Once the video is produced, it can be used repeatedly without additional costs, making it an efficient long-term investment.

Although we may believe that all training videos are the same, there is a wide range of types of training videos based on their demands. Aside from the topic of your video, your budget, long-term ambitions, and even your degree of dedication will all play a role.

  • Screen Capture: of a computer or mobile device along with accompanying audio narration. You can use it for software demonstrations, tutorials, and online learning courses.
  • Live Action Training Videos: can be engaging and relatable, making them suitable for hands-on training, safety protocols, customer service training, and more.
  • Animation and Motion Graphics: this simplify complex concepts, visualise data, and present information in a visually engaging manner. They can bring abstract ideas to life, making them ideal for explaining theoretical concepts, illustrating workflows, or introducing new products or technologies.
  • Interactive and Gamified Videos: involves viewer participation, allowing learners to make choices or interact with the content. Quizzes, challenges, and rewards, can be incorporated to enhance engagement and create an immersive learning experience.

A training video should not be seen as a stand alone asset. You can repurpose that video in a million different ways. If you have training courses, you can use the same video in different courses, or just use a small part of it. The benefit of this is engaging new and existing audiences the moment they interact with their content.

Apart from making your employees and other types of public to learn from watching your videos, it will be your most impactful marketing tool. At the same time you are teaching, you are sharing your brands voice and corporate brand identity in a matter of seconds. It will form a key factor as to how brands and agencies connect and engage with your brand.

This type of videos are perfect for all types of businesses. So here’s a short overview of what you can accomplish using training videos.

  • Training your employees
  • Increase your publicity
  • Increase online traffic
  • Connect with your audience

Short answer, yes. Having a training video optimised for YouTube is a great advantage. As a result, your company will be found organically on Google search engines for your industry. You will find a place for your video on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter or any of the other numerous platforms too.

Project Timeline



We will work closely with you and your working brief. We can help you identify your tone, key messages and video outputs.



Once budgets and timelines have been approved, we will work closely with you to produce your scripts and a filming schedule.



Our professional production crew will film at the required location be it your offices, our studios or a unique location. Presenters are also equipped with autocue.



Our editors will use your filmed footage to bring the production together, adding music and animation where required.

The Team at Impress Video

Our team works with established brands and corporate clients in the UK wanting to do training videos. We’ve produced video content for clients such as the MSDUK and AVEVA. We pride ourselves on having the creative and technical skills for creating impactful video content.

The right Training Video agency

At Impress video we bring creative and intelligent marketing together, especially having worked with a number of corporate industries over the years. We have seen the fast changes in these industries, in particular marketing and technology. Every agency has a blue print for delivering on your vision and our blue print comes from tried and tested methods in our collaborative approach with corporate video clients.

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