To produce an effective commercial, we recommend you to first approach or audition various TV commercial production companies. This is key to find a production company that aligns with the story you want to portray and with your brand values. Once selected, the chosen creative agency will put together a team to create your advert. This is where the creative process begins. As it may be a complex process, we have decided to write a blog to outline the key components you should look at and be aware of during the production of your commercial. 

The commercial casting process 

1. Getting your vision across

The casting director needs to gather as much information as possible about the story and selling point you want to achieve for the casting process to run smoothly. Therefore, the clearer you get your vision across, the better.

At this stage, the director might discuss which elements should be included to make the advert engaging and memorable. 

TV Commercial Vision
A clear vision for an effective storytelling for effective TV advertising

2. Identifying the characters

The casting director uses this stage to understand and visualise how characters will appear, sound, and behave. Once he/she has received enough information about the characters, the casting director will send the requirements to certain agents. He/she will also start advertising the roles online. 

The agency looking through these requirements will send you the most suitable actors for your commercial. 

Something to be mindful though is that it is not just about the physical appearance of the characters but also about their character. Does their energy match? What about their charisma?

3. Auditioning actors

First, the casting director goes through all the headshots of the actors interested in the role and invites some of them to the audition. Next, certain company members and the casting director assess each of the selected candidates for the role. The director usually asks actors to act out various lines related to the commercial. Besides, it is also common to ask actors to improvise to see their adaptability skills.  

The first audition is mainly used to filter out the candidates that are not suitable for the role. Contrarily, the next ones are used to see which candidates are the perfect fit for the commercial. 

As it is hard to make a decision, the TV advert production agency usually records the auditions to be able to go through them afterwards. Chances to select the wrong actor are then limited.

Casting Actors
Auditioning an actor for a TV commercial

4. Deciding who to call back

Once the auditions are over and with the help of the reels summarising the auditions of the best candidates, the agency decides who to call back. During the callback, actors are asked to film themselves repeating their auditions. The best reels produced from the call back are then sent to the clients for them to make the final decision.

Actor Call Back Video
Callbacks for actors who made it into the final stage of TV Advert

5. Final cast reels send to the client

The purpose of all the work carried out until this point was to find out suitable actors for the client’s commercial. But it is the client the one that has the final say. He/she is  the one deciding which actors have what it takes to bring their vision to life. 

A well-managed process will not only make the client happy but also the tv commercial production company and the creative director. Everyone must be on the same page. 


The process of casting a commercial (which can be quick or long) is a mixture of collaborative work between the client, the tv commercial production company, and the casting director. Therefore, it is important to keep a good relationship going between these parties for a successful, and satisfying process. 

Right now, you may have a better understanding of the casting process of a TV commercial. If the subject interests you and you would like to learn more, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you for reading,