The Most important Corporate video trends in 2023

The use of video marketing is on the raise, so it is important to keep up with corporate video trends. Taking into account how beneficial video is for a company, many brands have decided to use video as part of their marketing strategy.

Within the most popular videos used by companies, we have corporate videos, a powerful asset to showcase the brand itself or the product or service offered. The combination of visuals and sounds motivates many people to take action.

Here in this blog, we’re going to analyse what are the benefits of corporate videos as well as the 2020 corporate video trends. Keep reading to learn more.

This year's corporate video trends

Benefits of using a Corporate Video

It is firmly believed that videos benefit a company. But, how do corporate videos benefit a business?

  1. Corporate videos raise brand awareness.
  2. They simplify and explain key messages.
  3. They help companies rank higher on SERPs.
  4. Corporate videos drive traffic to your website.
  5. They raise conversions. In fact, when a company embeds a high-quality video on its landing page, conversions can increase up to 300%.
  6. Corporate videos are a useful tool to showcase happy customers, which may encourage potential customers to take action.
  7. Lastly, corporate videos rank highest concerning engagement, it gives viewers a sense of familiarity and closeness to the company. 

Corporate Video trends in 2023

Businesses have been using video for many years. However, each year there are new trends. Within the 2023 trends, we can expect the following ones.

New corporate video trends
New corporate video trends

1. The use of Live Videos

Live videos can be used to promote new products or services, make announcements or even do interviews. In addition, while consumers prefer video content in general, they engage much more when it is live. Users on Facebook, for example, watch live videos for three times as long as pre-recorded videos, and live content generates six times as many interactions.

Its use is on the rise because potential customers enjoy interacting with real people. What’s more, it is a simple and cheap tool as no editing is required.

2. User-generated content

For your marketing strategy, have in mind that users tend to trust other users rather than the brand itself. Thus, many companies have decided to ask their followers to create content to be shared on their platforms later on. This user-generated content creates consumer loyalty as time goes by.

3. Smartphone production

Smartphones are increasingly being used by brands to create more approachable, authentic content. When it comes to smartphone video, the newcomers are the ones who are performing it best these days now such as Tiktoks, vlogs, and reels…

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4. The production of 360 videos

Although it can be costly to produce, 360 videos provide a good ROI. Apart from the fact that they help businesses stand out from the crowd, they drive 7% more sales. Furthermore, people usually watch the whole video if it is 360 degrees, with an engagement rate of 85%.

5. Social media stories

Some social media platforms like Instagram are increasing their popularity thanks to their stories option. Social media stories provide numerous opportunities for interaction with your customers such as Instagram’s questions feature to carry out Q&A sessions with your followers. Post surveys to gather feedback on products and to test new ideas. They are a less formal and direct way of interacting with subscribers.

6. The expansion of training and educational videos

Until now, each time you didn’t know how to use a product, you looked for a tutorial on Youtube. They are an easy way to interact directly with viewers while providing them with knowledge. Right now, you can find many companies filming their own tutorials as it helps them build brand trust. 

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Types of Corporate Videos

Although being aware of the new trends is important, it is just as important to understand the different types of corporate video. Some examples are:


After reading this blog, we hope you have a better understanding of the usefulness and current trends of corporate videos. Thank you for taking the time to read the blog,

Marta & Sara.


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