Describing best directors’ personal marks

When it comes to production, each director has different trademarks that make their work easily recognised. Only by watching some scenes, it is possible to assign a production to a director. Hence, directors also play with this, since it is a form of making their work harmoniously.

Therefore, we will explain in this post some examples of the biggest directors and how to identify their styles. With it, you will better understand your favourite films’ intentions and increase your knowledge about filming.

Why do directors have trademarks in their productions?

The process of filming is easy when you have production knowledge. Even more, people who do not know what is behind may think everything is the same. So, directors play in unique ways with visuals and storytelling to be outstanding in the industry.

Furthermore, creating remarkable techniques makes people know in just a few seconds who the director is. All this helps producers develop themselves while keeping their distinctive manner. Although it may seem a simple task, it takes deep experience and thinking out of the box to come up with innovative ideas.

Some of the best director trademarks examples

In this first part of the trademarks, we will analyse some of the best elderly American directors.

1. Sam Raimi

The American filmmaker is known for some of his big hits such as directing the Spider-Man trilogy and the Evil Dead franchise.

Firstly, he likes to make eye shots as well as use cuts and clips when there is motion. Since he is inspired by comic books that he likes to make a reality, it is very common to have motion and use blur. All this is to convey activity or have drawing parts overlap the cells to direct the reader’s eyes.

In addition, the major enemy in most of Raimi’s films is usually someone familiar to the protagonist. The producer has a tendency of adding “bad guys” to his films. Lastly, he is also known for timekeeper shots. This is seen in his use of clocks, either by putting them in a scene or referring to them. Clocks remind the viewer of what is at stake and help to put them in the protagonist’s headspace.

2. Tim Burton

Another American filmmaker and animator that has his own identity is Timothy Burton. He outstands for his iconic visual aesthetic and casting Johnny Depp.

Burton’s identity as an outsider has also made him approachable to generations of people who feel ignored by society. Concerning this is why he makes use hugely of expressionism, and there is a common perception of visual deformation. There is a perfect mix of dark visuals and bright ones.

3. Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese covers filming as director, producer and screenwriter and also is an actor. Specifically, he uses freeze frames and long tracking shots.

However, his work is uniquely recognised by his use of mirrors. In his films, the characters talk to themselves in the mirror.

Finally, he tends to work with some of the biggest actors in the industry, such as De Niro, DiCaprio, Joe Pesci or Harvey Keitel.

4. Steven Spielberg

Spielberg is the most commercially successful director of all time, a key figure of the New Hollywood period and a pioneer of the modern blockbuster. He is one of the most well-known directors, writers and producers.

Concerning his trademarks, he stands out with numerous extreme close-ups of your screen’s figures. In his productions, he guides emotions with the character’s face, and this technique frequently receives the nickname ‘The Spielberg Face’. Moreover, he makes use of the sunset and reflection shots, which produce thinking for the viewers.

5. Spike Lee

Spike Lee, an American black producer, has made himself a spot among leading filmmakers. Also, it helps with his aims of bringing audience awareness about issues such as black community, urban crime or poverty.

Concerning his works, Lee is famous for his double dolly shots. He is able to connect two different tracks; a camera platform and an actor on the second. So, it allows him to employ it to generate the illusion of a breeze. Furthermore, when he uses down shots of actors he wants to represent power, whilst when it is an upshot it simulates a lack of control. And as mentioned above, he treats social and racial themes.

6. Michael Bay

Michael Benjamin Bay is a film producer from the US. He is best known for producing big-budget, high-concept action films with fast cuts, and extensive use of special effects, including frequent portrayals of explosions.

The first mark someone thinks of Bay would be slow motion and 360 degrees shots. Both are used so as to increase the dramatics in scenes. Of his love of dogs and vehicles, he usually includes them in films and uses them in funny ways. Finally, as he makes action productions, the government agencies are present in most of them at the end of the film. Introducing the government agencies to the scene makes all the actions braver along with the effect such as the explosions that occur in the process.


Overall, it is extraordinary how producers can achieve their own identity in their video works. Also, understanding where their ideas come from and the director’s trademarks are a way of enjoying better their films.

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