Film crew jobs part 2: jobs in a movie set for the pre-production stage

If you want to know which filmmaking pre-production jobs in a movie set, this is your blog.

Overall, making a film is a complex and collaborative process that requires the skills and expertise of many different people working together towards a common goal. Behind every film you watch, there is a lot of hard work and devotion. There are also many people giving their time and expertise to the project to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

So, in this series of blog posts, we will be describing the majority of the roles inside a film crew. As well as which stage of the film production these people belong to. We have already described which are the jobs for the development stage of a movie.

Now that the film has obtained all the funds it needed to proceed, the crew expands so the pre-production process can start. Apart from the three jobs mentioned in the development stage, we have some more filmmaking pre-production jobs.

Roles in the pre-production stage


cinematographer crew job
cinematographer in the preproduction process

Also known as a director of photography, this person is responsible for capturing the visual elements of the film or TV production. They work closely with the director to create the look and feel of the film. Their job is to create the lighting setup, composition, and camera movement.

The cinematographer is responsible for selecting the camera and lenses to be used for the production and setting up and operating the camera during filming. They may also be responsible for lighting the sets and locations, as well as for selecting and setting up other camera-related equipment, such as dollies, cranes, and Steadicams. They may also be involved in the selection of film stock or digital media, as well as in the colour grading of the footage during post-production

Casting Director

the roles of a casting director
the casting director for a film

A casting director is responsible for selecting actors to fill the various roles in film production. The casting director will often hold auditions to see actors perform, review headshots and resumes, and watch demo reels to assess the actors’ skills and suitability for the role. They may also work with agents and talent management firms to find actors for specific roles.

Once there is a list of actors created, the casting director will schedule auditions and callbacks, negotiate contracts, and manage any other logistics related to the casting process. They may also be responsible for casting extras and background actors. Overall, the role of the casting director is crucial to the success of a film, as they are responsible for finding the right actors to bring the characters and story to life.

Production Designer

The production designer is responsible for designing and creating the sets and props that will be used in the film or TV show. They may work with a team of set designers, costume designers, and prop makers to bring their designs to life.

  1. Unit Production Manager: A unit production manager (UPM) is responsible for managing the logistics and financial aspects of a film or television production. Their tasks can be from Negotiating contracts and securing necessary permissions and insurance, to Handling any issues that arise during filming, such as unexpected delays or problems with equipment, or Overseeing the post-production process, including coordinating the delivery of materials to the post-production team.

Location Manager

what role does the location manager have
role of the location manager in a film

Member of a film or television production crew who is responsible for finding and securing locations for filming.

  • Researching and identifying potential locations, including private properties and public spaces.
  • Contact property owners or managers to request permission to film at their location.
  • Managing the logistics of filming at each location, including coordinating transportation, catering, and other needs of the cast and crew.

Storyboard Artist

A storyboard artist is in charge of creating visual representations of the script. They do this by establishing the intended shots and camera angles for each scene.

  • Creating visual representations of each scene, including sketches of the characters, sets, and camera angles.
  • Collaborating with the director and other crew members to discuss and refine the storyboards.
  • Creating detailed illustrations and diagrams to help the crew understand the intended camera movements, lighting, and other technical elements for each scene.
  • Making any necessary revisions to the storyboards based on feedback from the director and other crew members.

Costume Designer

movie custome designer
the role of a customer designer in a movie

To end this list of filmmaking pre-production jobs, we will talk about the costume designer. This person, or group of people, is responsible for designing and creating the costumes worn by the actors in a production.


Role of a video production company in a movie set

Video production companies like us, Impress, are a business specialised in creating video content for a variety of clients. On the one hand, clients can be small businesses requiring small clips for their social media advert. On the other hand, clients can also be massive and complex films.

As a production company, we may have a variety of roles in a movie set. But depending on the production’s specific needs, these services can be things like:

  1. Equipment rental: hired to provide equipment such as cameras, lighting, and sound recording gear for a film shoot.
  2. Crew hire: hired to provide crew members with expertise in specific areas, such as camera operation, lighting, or sound recording.
  3. Production support: in case the production team needs additional support in tasks such as scouting locations, securing permits, and handling logistical tasks.
  4. Production services: the last reason why films can hire video production companies can be to assist in production services. This includes everything from script development and casting to post-production and distribution.


So now that you know the filmmaking pre-production jobs, you can continue learning about all the positions by reading our next blogs. In these blogs, we explain what filmmaking production and post-production jobs are. We hope you have found this blog interesting, and thank you for taking the time to read it,



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