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Why do you need a Corporate Video?

First of all, we will be starting by answering this question: why do you need a corporate video? If you’re thinking about creating a corporate video you’re probably asking yourself, where do I start?

The key thing to consider is who your end users are. Are you targeting other businesses or people who will be using your product or service? Do you want to tell a story? Or show the ins and outs of your business? Do you want to show a live demonstration of your product or services?

Here are some reasons for creating a corporate video:

  • Raise awareness of your brand
  • Introduce what you do and provide
  • Introduce a service or a product
  • Or all of the above

You have probably seen a video relating to your industry and now want to produce one that tells your story. Coming to the table with an idea, references and a budget is always helpful. You might however not have a clear picture of what you want, and that’s fine too.

There are so many ways to film and approach your corporate video. I’m going to highlight the “popular approach” as a starting point from which you can build however you wish.

3 things you need to include in corporate video?

1. The ‘Popular Approach’

A great way to visualise your video is as if you’re visiting your business premises for the first time. Take a pen and pad and start from the entrance and walk in, do you notice any features in your entrance or signage? You will want to capture every distinctive feature you see.

Do you have a reception area where you are greeted by happy faces, do you have a nice waiting area? Make a note of this as you go.

The real magic happens when you start looking around the different departments of your business and see the people ‘behind the scenes’ the sales teams, admin, marketing, designers, developers etc.

  • Highlight the departmental collaboration.
  • Show what the different departments are working on?
  • How do the end products or service look?

Now imagine capturing everything you have seen on camera cinematically. Think about who would be great to interview from your company? Who has a lot of things to say about the types of services or products you provide and the clients you work with.

You may want a number of department heads talking about how they contribute to the company’s overall goals. Some businesses tend to invite their clients to come in for the day to be interviewed about using the companies services and or products. These interviews can then be used to tie the visuals of the video together.

If you don’t want interviews you may want to have a voice over introduce your company and your departments along with the services or products you provide.

2. Expertise

Having filmed a number of corporate videos, we have produced a range of video productions across a number of business sectors and are able to provide you with direction in terms of possible approaches and their costs.

The notes you bring to the table means you have a good starting point, a place to begin a conversation with a production company.

Writing a Treatment (filming plan) will allow you to visualise your video before you’ve hired anyone to come into film. This will be a great talking point for you to discuss with your team

3. The Equipment & Crew

All production companies will be filming in 4k, this means 4 times bigger than 1080p which means a very high quality looking production. Typically a production company might send 1 or 2 camera operators to your business premises. Depending on your budget. Expect lighting equipment, sound and camera accessories.

Typically the filming crew will not disrupt the day to day activities of the business, which means that instead, they will work around your department and teams.

Producing a Corporate Video
create a corporate video that impresses

How long should your video be?

Ideally if your video is going to be hosted on your websites homepage, it should be no longer than 2mins. Statistically videos around the 90sec mark perform the best particularly for that initial engagement. You need to put yourself in the shoes of the end user particularly when thinking about engagement. Even though you may have spent £1,000’s on your company video in addition to man/woman hours the attention spam of your web visitors will be minimal, so the right approach is key!

Your potential clients are looking for a number of promising suppliers and or businesses and you want to keep them engaged and deliver your message in the shortest time possible. If you have extra filmed video usually you can edit this up into smaller videos to post on the different pages of your website for further website page retention.

For one client we made a video of up to 18 mins in length for their corporate Manchester video. Here the client wanted to send a private link to their 18 min investment video to private investors and investment groups (great example of intended audience). We took key sound bites from the main video and created a 90secs video for their homepage.

How much will it cost?

The cost of your corporate video will depend on a number of factors such as:

  • Equipment used
  • Company and Crew
  • Number of locations
  • Number of interviews
  • Animated effects
  • Length of video/s
  • Number of videos
  • Videos for social media
  • Voice over options
  • Music

Our Corporate videos have been priced anywhere from £3,000 to £30,000. It really depends on what you are looking for. Whichever production company you use, they will be able to share a portfolio of work that shows what you will be getting for your budget.

Key Takeaway from our experience with clients

Ensure you ask the production company for all the raw filming of the project (some might charge extra for that), you will most likely have to provide a hard drive. This will allow you to have a copy of the entire project, should you wish to make updates at a later stage, which we have seen. Companies are continually changing, here teams get bigger and departments grow along with their services and products. That is why you might find that you could be updating your video 2yrs from the day you post your new one.


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