9 Tips To Boost Your Amazon Product Listing

Competition on Amazon is growing, but the good news is there are countless ways to differentiate your brand and products from your competitors. Having video on your listing is, for example, one of the things that allow you to outperform your competitors. For more details on how to use product videos to boost your Amazon sales, keep reading this blog. 

improve amazon product listing with video

1. Create compelling product videos

Research shows that product videos translate into more sales. In fact, Adobe reported that online shoppers are 1.81 times more likely to purchase a product after watching a demo or a product video. However, if you decide to produce a video for your Amazon product page, make sure you follow these tips:

  1. Avoid stuffing a lot of information into a short clip. Sometimes, it is enough to show off the product and make it appealing.
  2. Keep it short and sweet. Amazon itself suggests producing videos of less than one minute. If it is longer, you will probably lose the viewers’ attention.
  3. Avoid infomercial-style videos. Do not make exaggerated claims about your products. Be honest and showcase your product’s features instead.
  4. Work with a professional. If you have enough budget, we recommend you hire a professional video production company. A high-quality video usually drives better results. In addition, they may think about things you might not such as the lighting or the background of the product.

2. Write complete product descriptions

If your Amazon Product Page is receiving a lot of visitors but just a few of them make a purchase, you should check your product description. Make sure it is complete and compelling enough. If you must make some changes, do not do them all at once as it can have the opposite desired effect.

3. Follow Amazon’s guidelines 

Amazon has very strict guidelines. Make sure you adhere to them to avoid your video or account being removed. Some of those guidelines are:

  • Videos should be high quality.
  • The product videos must be entirely in English.
  • Videos can’t contain several brand logos.
  • The person uploading the video must be the brand owner.
  • No controversial, sensitive, or sexually suggestive content is permitted. 
  • Videos must not contain prices, promotion information, discounts, or time-sensitive information.
  • The person uploading the video can’t include any contact information.
  • Viewers must not be redirected to other websites.
  • There may be less than 6 images for the video to appear on the image block.

4. Optimise product videos for SERPs

Shoppers usually click on those products that appear at the top of their search results. One way to get your products closer to the top is through optimisation. Figuring out how to optimise your product page for Amazon’s search engine is then essential to boost your sales.

5. Drive more reviews

Positive reviews from your current customers will help potential buyers build brand trust, thereby increasing sales. Here are some tips on how to get more reviews:

  1. Follow up with customers via email. Once you know that the product has been delivered, send an email to ask recipients if they would like to leave a review on your Amazon listing. It is important to let them know how meaningful their review is for your business. Amazon usually sends a general message asking for reviews, but personalised content tends to be more effective. The average response rate is higher. 
  2. Include a note in the packaging. You can also add a note to thank recipients for the purchase and to ask them to leave a review on your Amazon product page. People usually respond well to these notes.
  3. Invite your social media followers to leave a review. Most of them will help you if you explain why you need these reviews.

6. Get help from influencers

Right now, people heavily rely on their opinions. Thereby, connecting with some well-known influencers in your industry will help you boost your Amazon’s sales. You can reach out to them via email, through Amazon Associate or Amazon Influencer Program or via influencer network tools such as Grapevine or Framebit.

7. Review your competitor’s activity 

Don’t ignore your competitors. Your brand needs to check what your competitors are doing from time to time. Identify their strengths and weaknesses and adjust your listing accordingly to keep outperforming them. 

8. Which Product Videos work best on Amazon?

Any of the following video types will help you optimise your Amazon listing.

Details Video. It shows the products’ features in detail.

Product Demonstration. These videos show the product in use. They are really useful to help customers identify if it solves their problems

Product Reviews. Here current customers can express their opinion about the product.

Production Videos. These videos show the production process of the product.

Educational videos. They show customers how to use the product.

Comparison videos. These videos show viewers why your product is better than the competitor’s one.

9. Where can eligible sellers add video?

There are 3 places where eligible sellers can add videos:

  1. Image blocks. This section appears at the top left next to the product name, and it expands as you click on it. All videos uploaded to this section should be of high quality to encourage visitors to stay on the page. Besides, as mentioned in the guidelines, there should be less than 6 images uploaded for the video to show up in the image block. 
  2. Product description section. Videos uploaded to this section appear in the description of the product under “From the manufacturer”. 
  3. Videos for related products. These videos appear at the bottom left. If you don’t upload enough videos of your product, Amazon displays your competitor’s one instead. This may affect you negatively as some visitors will be driven away from your product page. 

These are not though the only sections where videos can be uploaded. Customers are also able to share how-to videos or video reviews under two sections:

  1. Videos for the product, located below the product information.
  2. Customer reviews, displayed at the bottom of the product page. 


We hope that you now have a better understanding of the benefits of how to use product videos to boost your Amazon sales. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog,



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