Trends and future of TV Adverts

If you have arrived here to this blog is because you will be wondering which are the latest trends in TV adverts. Well, first of all, there is a reason why television has taken a back seat in most marketing plans. And this reason is that nowadays digital marketing is really important.

Due to its unrivalled capacity to provide targeted messages that are straightforward to assess, many marketers are boosting ad expenditure on digital platforms. However, TV providers are motivated to compete with their digital counterparts. This has resulted in a few important developments, such as multiscreen and programmatic strategies, that may have an influence on your organisation’s offline media optimisation plan.

The amount of channels on TV is increasing, mainly due to the addition of external platforms of OTT  and CTV. Both Connected TV (CTV) and OTT (over-the-top) services are delivered to the viewers via the Internet. Some examples of OTT platforms are Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime whereas an example of a CTV is Apple TV.

The TV experience has massively changed due to these add-ons coming into play. TV viewership is slowly in decline, especially among the younger generations whereas the use of internet-based add-ons is on the rise. So, is it time for television advertisements to be finally on their way out? What is in future of TV adverts?

trends in tv adverts - variety of platforms

Change in TV during the last 5 years

TV changed drastically in 5 years. Its use increased vastly with the introduction of channels like SKY TV, which gave advertisers the opportunity to promote their products to an increased audience. But then, with the introduction of the internet to the market, competition rapidly increased. 

Now, although a lot of older generations still watch TV, the younger ones are shifting to other platforms. This could mean that TV is a great space to to target the older demographics. However, as nowadays there are more digital marketing strategies than before, marketers have had to adapt themselves and create new trends.

So if you are interested in knowing which are these latest trends in TV Adverts, keep reading our blog.

TREND 1: more and more advertisers want programmatic buying options

know your audience
choosing the best audience for your tv advert

The main problem with TV advertising is that brands have to choose the best time, place, and audience to broadcast their TV adverts manually. This costs them time and money, as they also need to analyse which time slots are better and more profitable for them.

That is why marketing experts normally use programmatic TV advertising to track down some metrics. Like the number of clicks of commercials, the cost of each click, and the resulting ROI.

Consequently, the demand for new automated technologies able to identify which channels and times are the best to reach a specific audience is increasing. Thus, if the TV wants to meet the needs of the current market, it will have to make some changes.

TREND 2: TV Advert in different devices

trends in tv adverts - TV Advert in different devices

In order to have an effective TV Advert, we need to include mobile advertising to our tv advert strategy. You may be thinking, why? Well, according to a recent study, 94% of people that watches TV have their phones in their hands. So companies should have this in mind and view both platforms as partners that helps each other to reach the same marketing objectives.

While watching television, 59% of consumers pay special attention to mobile commercials on their phones. Marketers may gain more information into when people watch TV, which network they use, and which mobile channels they use by employing advanced attribution analytics. To fully implement this plan, marketers may need some more attribution information, and this is when Advanced TV comes in.

TREND 3: bring on television addressability advertising 

In an industry like television, for tv advertisement to stay afloat, the new strategy that is coming to addressability is being able to tailor the advertisements to an individual’s screen. Addressable TV is slowly being rolled out across various systems. Although it requires intelligent data systems to be available for each platform. 

This brings better opportunities for TV commercial production companies to easily target the key audiences and still meet the needs of advertisers of having the options of programmatic buying options in the future. 

This TV addressable functionality is slowly being implemented across the British television landscape. Below is what is available so far within the television providers in addressable TV advertising.


We hope you found this blog interesting, and learned about the future of TV Adverts and about which are the best trends for your TV Advert. Thank you for taking your time to read it,



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