Why is it important to use real people in corporate videos?

When you and your company decide to invest in creating a corporate video, the first thing that comes to mind is which actor to hire to represent your organisation. What if we told you that your company had already hired them? And they’re your own employees? Yes, you read that correctly, today we recommend you to use real people in corporate videos.

This article aims to show why using real people in corporate videos, i.e. your employees, is the greatest strategy. These might range from the company’s founder to customer service representatives and workers.

Origin Stories

It is always a good idea to share your narrative and pay honour to the people who founded your company. It demonstrates to others that you genuinely care about what you do, your principles, and what motivates you.

Furthermore, we should not forget that we are all naturally curious people, so knowing about the origins of something, in this case about your company, can help you connect with current and potential clients.

So, in this case, it would be best to have the founder speak about why he did what he did, or if it is difficult to achieve, to have the oldest workers speak about it and their experience.

Tip: Include old images and videos to boost the story’s credibility.

real people in corporate video - origin story

Welcome to the company videos

Companies often use training videos to teach their staff since they are one of the most effective teaching methodologies. The reason for this is that they are always available and may be rewatched if they need to better comprehend anything.

These videos begin with a welcome message. With just a simple personal touch like having someone from within the organisation do this, the new employee will feel that he or she is now part of the team.

Tip: don’t forget to check all the types of training videos there are.

real people in corporate video - welcome video

Videos about the company’s culture

When a firm contact us about creating a culture video for their company, they are typically wanting to attract genuine customers and new recruits, as well as demonstrate what drives us. So it would be best if they used real people in corporate videos like these.

If firms did them using actors, it would be less approachable and transparent than if they did it with actual company employees. No one can communicate and describe the company’s culture better than them.

Pro tip: do cinematic interviews with your staff as well as the company’s executives.

real people in corporate video - company's culture

Holiday Greetings

It is good for businesses to demonstrate gratitude to their consumers and even staff during peak seasons such as Christmas, Easter, and Summer. Individuals will appreciate them more if you use employees in them because many of them will probably know them by having worked together.


To summarise, speaking directly to an audience through employees, owners, and other non-actors is an excellent use of video. It offers your messages a sense of honesty and makes your company more likeable. Make the most of the video’s ability to generate emotional responses by incorporating a personal appearance.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Thank you for taking the time to read it.



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