Why Should Video Be an Element of Your 2023 Marketing Strategy?

Video marketing is currently one of the best strategies to implement in your business. Since now videos are preferred rather than having to read, it is key to start using them. In addition, due to the pandemic, people tend to watch videos and interact with them more.

Because of the social media video range, it now covers an international scope. Hence, videos can be used to reach potential customers as well as bring awareness of your brand to new people.

What exactly is video marketing?

The use of video content to promote or educate audiences about your brand and goods is referred to as video marketing. Video can be used by brands in a number of digital channels and formats.

Furthermore, videos are an engaging way to connect with viewers. Also, they have the possibility of subtitles for people who need them. Videos can be dynamic by adding animation, which can have voice-overs in different languages. So, adding a wide range of innovative ideas will give more brand exposure.

Adding video marketing strategy
Implementing video to your strategy

Reasons to use video in 2023 for your marketing strategy

1. Video adds personality to your business

The video serves as the face of your company. It is a way of making a company communicate with external people. Additionally, it adds a touch of personality to the business. Also, it eliminates the cost of having to hire people to be in the videos by using internal employees. Thus, achieving a more realistic and relatable video, as well as showing who is behind your company. It is always better to use your own identity and people to connect directly with customers.

2. More engagement and viewer interaction

As mentioned before, engagement is increased with videos. All this leads to greater interaction of videos and posts about them. Social media reaches millions of viewers daily, so, it is more likely that they will share the video with their friends. Hence, it all provides more perception online of your business and your practices, acting as your own advertising.

Video marketing helps interaction and engagement
Increase in engagement and viewer interaction

3. Improves website views and SEO

Companies that use videos on their websites experience higher traffic from searches than the ones with no videos. Moreover, businesses that use video marketing see a 49% faster increase in income than those that do not.

Website traffic improvement is key when building new professional relationships, attracting potential customers or generating leads. Using keywords is what makes your SEO outstand, along with specific descriptions. On top of that, videos have a much higher chance of being shared and are 45 times more likely to appear on Google’s first page than text results. All in all, it allows you a much better chance to attract more visitors to your website.

Increase in website traffic and better SEO
More website views and better SEO & ranking

4. Encourages social shares and builds trust

Video marketers need to keep in mind that people share their feelings on social media, not facts. 76% of users claim that if a branded video was entertaining, they would share it with their friends. And now more than ever, social media channels are enhancing this to attract accounts.

On the other hand, trust is what makes conversion rates. A loyal customer is what every business wants to achieve. The more trust you produce in customers, the more likely it is that they will come back to you again in the future. The whole concept of marketing strategy focuses on trust. So, it is essential to provide clients with useful information.



Videos are a great way to interact with your clients and implementing them in your marketing strategy will surely improve your results. Even more, a visual production is always attractive to people and to Google in order to appear first in searches. So, why not start making videos with us for your company?

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