If you have the knowledge and expertise in your company, why not start making your online training video production? Instead of paying an external company to train staff, this is a cost-effective alternative, developing team building and employee relations. Taking advantage of online internal training can improve performance and save costs, increasing efficiency.

Training remotely is gaining popularity among many businesses since it is simple and affordable. Employees who receive proper training, work better and are more satisfied with their jobs, which could increase their productivity by up to 35%, following this analysis.

What is internal online training?

Online internal training is a corporate training that includes using an organization’s own resources and skills. Rather than spending money on external classes, the know-how of senior employees can be used to prepare all staff in a variety of sectors.

There are several forms of digital education opportunities depending on a company’s goals and resources. Educating and upgrading expertise is easy and there are many free tutorials to get started.

Producing an online internal video
what is internal online training

Boosting training online internally

Internal training helps improve team building across senior employees, managers, as well as professionals, resulting in higher productivity as a result of these new relationships within all employees.

It can also aid in staff retention owing to their satisfaction and education. As a result, competition reduces since people stay in the company, and staff interconnection encourages new innovation and information sharing, expanding the business capabilities.

How to make the most out of internal training online
Boosting internal training online and teamwork

Advantages of online training video production

After discussing and providing an outline of internal training, we will examine the benefits of choosing this alternative.

1. Employees can connect directly from any location

With online training, employees are able to access the web without any locational problems and in the time they want. Furthermore, workers can record sessions or replay what they need to, as well as attend webinars or require further explanations if necessary. All of this saves time as workers do not have to move and can choose where to work online, improving their satisfaction and comfort.

2. It is cost-effective

Training employees in bigger groups lowers the cost per individual, as well as saving money since it is not necessary to hire courses online or at any company. Online does not require fees such as transportation, materials or rent. In addition, workers can make study groups, increasing their productivity and sharing knowledge between them.

3. Flexible and adaptable option

As workers are capable to access online, this gives time management and the opportunity for them to follow their own path. If they want, they can do several tutorials in a week and take a break the rest of the time. Moreover, this is beneficial for people that may take more time in a specific course or who have problems comprehending. All this does not put group pressure and helps avoid comparisons, which sometimes happen in classes, improving employees’ self-esteem.

Flexible and adaptable alternative
Versatile option and easy accessibility

4. Simple to use and provides a wide range of content

Since it is online, courses are accessible only with an Internet connection and it is easy to rewatch everything and all is in one place. No complicated technological handling is needed and usually, software, webpages and apps are easily downloaded. Relating content, you can take advantage of existing sources and content ideas, and then expand the information in your tutorials. Adding information and videos is possible and editing is not hard, as well as complementing videos with tests or quizzes.

5. Provides engagement, participation and productivity

It is proven statistically that employees become more engaged in the company when they are provided with the training. Also, their participation rate grows since courses are interactive and if they reach teamwork, it further enhances participation. Lastly, productivity increases as they have to achieve targets, thus managing effectively.


Given that you now have a better understanding of the internal online training. Hopefully, you would consider starting to produce your winning training videos, and that you found this piece useful. For inspiration, check out our youtube training videos that will help you begin on the right path.

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