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What are the different types of Product Videos?

First of all, we will start by explaining which types of product videos there are out there. Depending on which approach you will be using, you will need to create your product video in one way or another, depending on the approach that best suits your brand. Currently product videos are being used for:

E-commerce Video: These help promote your products in a way that consumers will be able to see a life like image of the video. Companies like Asos and Zara have been using this approach for a while.

Amazon video: Similar to e-commerce videos, these can help sell your products and provide additional information.

YouTube: YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine and video is easier to consume than written text. This can help get your message across for further SEO optimisation.

Facebook: Where people can like, comment and share your videos – Learn more via Facebook.

Instagram: Where product videos appear in wall posts and story mode as sponsored Ads.

How to shoot a Product Video in 6 steps

So now you know which types of product videos there are out there.That’s why you’ll need to learn how to start a production in order to generate videos like this one:

Step 1: the equipment

A professional product video will look much nicer than just holding up a product and taking a video. Specialist lighting equipment, camera and lenses give a product the ‘professional look’ that so many people want to achieve with their products.

Over the past few years soft boxes and light boxes are doing a great job in people making their own product videos, however where this approach fails is in the equipment being used, as 4k cameras and expensive lenses are not available to everyone.

Step 2: the approach

Acquiring the services of a product video production company has its key advantages, the video company will be able to share a range of product videos they have produced as well as provide budgets for the different approaches:

The following ways are just some examples of how you can make your product video:

  • A Storyline with characters
  • Presenter led
  • Voice over demonstration video
  • Testimonial Video
  • Models wearing your products

Step 3: the video preparation

Now that you have chosen your video product approach, the prep will give you a clear idea of the outcomes. Depending on your budget, you might create mood boards from a series of pictures. You may also produce storyboards with detailed explanations as to what is happening on screen.

Will your location be in a studio or on an actual location, both have their pros and cons, however the key factor being budget. For example, if you want to show your product in an actual environment, in a studio you will have to pay to create a real living-room, whereas if you film in an actual living-room in someone’s house – you’ll be saving potentially thousands on the shoot.

Filming in an actual location then requires you to light it professionally where you have control of the lighting, this option is still cheaper than creating a living room from scratch in a studio.

the filming costs of making a tv advert
filming costs of a tv advert

If for example you want to present a number of your products such as jewellery, electrical equipment, clothing, power tools etc your workshop, shop, offices and homes might be perfect for the task!

I always believe in thinking outside of the box when budgeting for product video shoots. The money you save off screen will allow the client to allocate on screen and to the distribution.

Now that you have the location, models, actors and voice over artists will need to be casted. You need to ensure you have the right ones as they will be in charge of bringing your product to life. However, if you decide not to show any people in your video that is more than fine.

Your product might simply sit on a stand if for example you’re showing a range of watches where music plays in the background. We make sure that clients always have final sign off on all the contributing factors of their video shoot. This starts from idea approach, locations, performers, music right the way through to the final sign off.

Step 4: the shooting

On the shoot day, you as the client will want to attend. There will be refreshments and chairs (with your names on depends on the budget), for you to view the days filming.

I always communicate the days shoot with the client, the plan of action and the shots to be captured, as well as reviewing the footage back – now some producers/directors might object to this but I strongly believe the client has a say in the filming as they are the ones paying for it for their purpose – look no-one knows the brand better than the marketing department or the business owner, so if they want to adjust something on the shoot I always welcome it. All in all keeping in with the original filming plan and storyboards etc.

The days shoot will be watchable as it happens on a monitor for the director to see. As the client don’t be afraid to share notes and ideas as you go.

Step 5: the final edit

Now that you have all your video footage from the shoot your production company will edit it for your intended platform/s. In this process you might have a few revisions along the way in-line with the initial filming and outcome plan. Tweaks might include look and feel, music and the pace of the editing. Depending on the initial filming plan you might have the product videos in different lengths to test on different platforms.

Step 6: the delivery of the final video

The production company will send you the final product video files for your e-commerce website or social media channels. Once uploaded be sure to know how to track the video and understand key terms such as impressions (how many times it’s been shown), full plays, part plays and click throughs.

If doing a product video campaign you’ll want to keep an eye on your google analytics, to see any increases in traffic to your website. On your Amazon product video page, you’ll want to see the number of plays in correlation to products sold. The same can be monitored on your website to see how many times a video has been played for a particular product.

How long should the video be?

Each product video length will depend on the platform you will be sharing it to. Amazon product videos might be up to 2 mins in length because the customer is actively looking for your product. On Facebook product videos of up to 30 secs to 1min have been known to have the best engagement. The same product video on instagram needs to be edited to 30 secs and or 15 secs for the best shortest engagement. On your website videos might be 20secs to 1min especially if showcasing clothing, jewellery and electrical equipment.

Once you have an idea of the approach you want, you might want to look at some examples of videos from your sector or a different sector to bring a breath of fresh air to your product video idea.

How much will it cost?

The cost of your product video will depend on a number of factors such as:

  • The Idea
  • The Equipment used
  • Number of locations
  • Crew and actors
  • Animated effects
  • Length of video/s
  • Number of videos
  • Videos for social media
  • Music.

Our product videos have been priced anywhere from £800 to £50,000. It really depends on what the client is looking for. Whichever production company you use, they will be able to share a portfolio of work that shows what you will be getting for your budget.

Key takeaway from our experience with clients:

Make sure you have all the elements of your product video in separate formats on delivery of your project for example the music, the voice over and any graphics. Having these items will save a lot of time when repurposing (reusing) them for future use. You might want to make a promotional video and not want any text overlaid, you might want the voice over changing, all the above will be easily doable and editable by having the different ass.


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